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American Bald Eagle in Alaska

American Bald Eagle

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The American Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States. Since 1782, it has represented the spirit and freedom of the American people. On today's journey, you will learn interesting facts about eagles and see pictures them flying, eating, and building nests. Please visit www.elcivics.com often for more great EL Civics and ESL Citizenship picture lessons. (4 pages)

American Bald Eagles

What is the National Bird of the United States?

  • The National Bird of the United States is the American Bald Eagle.

  • It was adopted as the National Bird in 1782.


Bald Eagle Flying in Alaska Above Glacier

Where do most bald eagles live?

  • Most bald eagles live in Canada and Alaska.

  • One half of the 100,000 bald eagles alive today live in Alaska. The eagle in this picture is flying above Davidson Glacier in Alaska.

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