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ESL Emergencies Lesson

ESL Emergencies Lesson

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An emergency is an unexpected and sudden event that must be dealt with quickly. Fires, car accidents, and heart attacks are examples of emergencies. For some emergencies, you will need to call the 911 operator for help. The 911 operator can send a fire truck, an ambulance, or the police to help you. It is important for ESL students to stay calm and know what to do in the case of an emergency. This lesson will teach you to identify common types of emergencies. It will also teach you how to ask for help. (3 pages)

Car Accident and Police Officers

What is the emergency?

  • Car accident.

  • If you see a car accident and people are hurt, call 911.

  • If you see a car accident and people are not hurt, don't call 911.


Fire and Fire Fighters

What is the emergency?

  • Fire.

  • If your house in on fire, you should go outside quickly, call 911, and wait for the fire truck.

  • The firemen in this picture are putting out a fire. They are wearing special uniforms that protect them from the fire.

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