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ESL Powerpoint Lessons

PowerPoints take about two minutes to download, but once they download, they are very fast. To download a lesson, just click on a link and wait--the presentation will appear on the screen by itself. PowerPoint lessons are great for ESL, TESOL, EFL, and K-12 students. They show well on interactive whiteboards and can be used as writing, speaking, and listening prompts. If you're a teacher showing a PowerPoint presentation to the whole class, it's best to download and preview the slideshow before showing it. You can also have students access the ppt presentations in the school's computer lab. I'll be adding more lessons over the next year or two. Enjoy!


New Year's Day (sound) (640 KB)
Groundhog Day PowerPoint (182 KB)
Valentine's Day PowerPoint (291 KB)
Valentine's Day Gifts for Her (827 KB)
Valentine's Gifts for Him PowerPoint (365 KB)
Easter Vocabulary PowerPoint (3.98 MB)
Mother's Day Gifts (843 KB)
Memorial Day National Cemeteries (1.11 MB)
Father's Day Dads PowerPoint (4.07) MB
Independence Day and Fourth of July (358 KB)
Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating (481 KB)
Jack-O-Lantern Faces (1.61 MB)
From Pumpkins to Jack-O-Lanterns (3.08 MB)
Thanksgiving Dinner (2.12 MB)
Deep Fried Turkey (240 KB)
Christmas PowerPoint (730 KB)
Santa Delivers Christmas Presents (974 KB)

ESL Lessons - Beginners

Alphabet Letters A-M (664 KB )
Alphabet Letters N-Z (450 KB )
Apartments (261 KB )  PPT Quiz
Backyards (261 KB )  PPT Quiz
Bathrooms (382 KB )  PPT Quiz
Bedrooms (368 KB )  PPT Quiz
Calendar for 2012 (61 KB)
Calendars (168 KB)
Classroom Items (1.67 MB)
Clocks and Watches (sound) (528 KB)
Clothes (777 KB)
Clothes - Sewing and Alterations (479 KB)
Clothes Around the World (889 KB)
Colors (580 KB)
Common Activities (592 KB)
Community Places (471 KB)
Cooking Breakfast (1.08 MB)  PPT Quiz
Days of the Week (103 KB)
Exercise (363 KB)
Fast Food (533 KB)
Flowers (778 KB)
Fruits (915 KB)
Greetings (93 KB)
Hobbies (445 KB)
Household Chores (799 KB)
House Repairs (533 KB)
Jewelry (328 KB)
Kitchens (426 KB)
Kitchenware (947 KB )
Laundry and Laundromats (701 KB)
Meats and Fish (622 KB)  PPT Quiz
Morning Activities (1.07 MB)
Names of People (135 KB)
Numbers (1-20) (178 KB)
Numbers Count by 10s (329 KB)
Opposites (289 KB)
Rooms in a House (876 KB)
Shapes and Colors (116 KB)
Stores and Shops (789 KB)
Supermarkets and Groceries (864 KB)
Traffic Signs (380 KB)
Transportation and Vehicles (1 MB)
Vegetables (409 KB)
Weather (473 KB)
World Flags (398 KB)

ESL Employment

Administrative Assistants (806 KB)
Employment Soft Skills 1 (77 KB)
Employment Soft Skills 2 (816 KB)
Office Work (806 KB)
Types of Jobs (1.46 MB )
Job Titles (4.29 MB)
Write a Memo for Work (88 KB)


Transportation Vocabulary (1 MB)
Aircraft Vocabulary PowerPoint (3.75 MB)


Illnesses and Injuries PowerPoint (438 KB)

U.S. Citizenship Test

Civics Test PowerPoint, Citizenship Questions 1-50
Civics Test PowerPoint, Citizenship Questions 51-100
US Citizenship Test Questions, 1-12 (103 KB)
Flags of the 13 Colonies, Question 64 (1.36 MB)

US History and Government

George Washington (364 KB)

States and Cities

California (3.59 MB)
Los Angeles (2.87 MB)
California Redwood National Parks (3.23 MB)
Yosemite National Park (3.82 MB)


Autumn (1.21 MB )
Spring (957 KB )
Spring is Here (3.82 MB)
Summer (933 KB )
Summer Activity PowerPoint (4.01 MB)
Winter (697 KB )

ESL PowerPoints for Kids

Jungle Animals (498KB)
Summer (564 KB)
Fruits (815 KB)

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