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Civic Duties

Statue of Liberty Civics Lesson

White House Civics Lesson

U.S. Capitol Civics Lesson

U.S. Supreme Court Civics Lesson

Bald Eagle EL Civics Tutorial

Gateway Arch Tour Civics Lesson

Gateway Arch Tour Civics Lesson, Page 2

Gateway Arch Tour Civics Lesson, Page 3

ESL Abraham Lincoln

Valentine's Day ESL Holiday Lesson

ESL George Washington

ESL Saint Patrick's Day Lesson

ESL Citizenship Constitution of the United States

ESL Easter Holiday Lesson

Benjamin Franklin Biography for ESL Citizenship

Declaration of Independence ESL Citizenship

ESL Powerpoint Lessons

ESL Mother's Day Lessons

Mississippi River Photo Tour

ESL Father's Day Lesson

ESL Post Office Lesson

Susan B. Anthony and Women's Rights

Adult Education


ESL Lesson Library

Martin Luther King, Jr. Lesson

Grand Canyon Lesson with Photos

Grocery Shopping and ESL Activities

Memorial Day Lesson for ESL and Civics Students

Flag Day Lesson

ESL Clothes Shopping Lesson

ESL Fourth of July Lesson

ESL Lesson on Transportation

Niagara Falls Tour

Recreation ESL Photo Lesson

Mount McKinley in Alaska

ESL Sports Photo Lesson

Mexico Photo Tour

Photo Tour of Canada

Pacific Ocean Photo Tour with Facts

Bill of Rights for Civics Lessons

California Photo Tour

Los Angeles Photo Tour

San Francisco Photo Tour

San Diego Photo Tour


New York

New York City

50 State Lessons and Photo Tours

Halloween Lesson

Thanksgiving Lesson

13 Colonies

ESL Emergencies

ESL Employment

ESL Banking

Civics Voting Amendments

Civil War

Cities at Night

ESL Christmas Lesson


Civics Video Channel for ESL Teachers and Students

Cesar Chavez

Pledge of Allegiance

Emancipation Proclamation

Grammar Lessons

Rights and Freedoms


Civics Theories

World Geography Rooftops

Mount Rushmore

American Indian Tribes

Thomas Jefferson

New Year's

Martin Luther King Day

Capitals of Europe

Presidents Day

Car Insurance

Student Loans

Healthy Foods

Household Chores

Healthy Breakfast

Community Buildings and Places

Community Workers

Zoo Animals

Summer Vacation

National Parks

Medical Clinic

Buying a House

Amusement Parks


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Holiday Lessons

Cinco de Mayo


George Washington Carver

Political Parties

Presidential Inaugurations

National Anthem of the United States


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